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Dreamlife Rent to Own always has a team approach.

We like to work with other professionals to come up with a solution for our clients.

Rent to own is a success with team approach

As professionals in real estate, you may be coming across clients that have a tough time in qualifying for a mortgage due to various personal reasons and mortgage rule changes. This program is not to substitute any of the working that you have been implementing for your clients but this is an additional tool that you can use to help clients that wish to own their home.

The clients that will qualify under this Rent to Own program are actually leads for you that would not have been useful to you for doing business. This Dreamlife Rent to Own program offers you the option of continuing to work with these clients and help them get into their dreams homes now!

We offer a variety of benefits to realtors and mortgage brokers that want to work with us on a team with Dreamlife Rent to Own Program making it a totally win-win approach.

If you are interested in getting an information package about the Rent to Own program and how we can work together please fill in the attached form and you will receive a detail report on how our win-win strategy works.

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