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About Dreamlife Rent to Own program:

Dreamlife Property Management Inc. specializes in Rent to Own program that helps qualified tenant-buyers get into their dream homes sooner even when they do not qualify with traditional lenders. We also help our investors make a stable and predictable return on their money through investments in real estate opportunities.


What is Rent to Own?
Renting with an option to buy at end of term at a pre-determined price.

Rent to Own Program Guidelines

    • Program term could be 1 to 3 years.
    • Properties could be through MLS or private.
    • Must be marketable & good economic indicators.
    • Can work with poor or no credit
    • Client must qualify for mortgage at end of term.


Benefits to REALTOR with Dreamlife Rent To Own program:

    • Great referral bonus of 1% of purchase price for referring clients that qualify.
    • Happy clients as you gave them an option instead of refusal.
    • You may choose to continue working with that client.
    • Become a part of this win-win strategy & get satisfaction of helping the client.

A real estate agent is a professional in the real estate industry who is highly trained in a wide range of real estate issues especially involving buying and selling. These professionals are usually a wealth of information and they tend to ensure that one sells or buys a property at the best prices possible and in the best neighborhood. Although the process sometimes may seem too easy, one should not attempt to do it alone. A great real estate agent can make a huge difference to the way the transaction takes place as they understand the details of the business of real estate.

Role of a real estate agent in our Rent to Own program

Expertise and experience:
Real Estate Agents are certified and registered professionals and abide by code of ethics. Using their expertise they are able to guide us through the entire purchase process taking care that the appropriate measures are being taken to buy a good property and at the best price.
For protection of legal rights: 
In any real estate transaction, there are lot of legalities involved, a real estate agent can address some basic needs between two parties so that the legal binding contracts can be set up as per the terms agreed upon during the conversation.
Secure a great deal: 
A realtor can also help one get the best deal without compromising their budget. Since most realtors have a great network they can connect and look for the best property on the market to suit the needs of the tenant-buyer.

Given the many benefits that come with hiring a reputable realtor in a rent to own program, the importance of hiring one for a real estate transaction can thus not be overstated. Indeed, in order to enjoy a smooth hassle free buying or selling transaction we always recommend us of a  realtor.

To get advantage of this program and the learn the details of this program, please fill in this quick form and we will send you a detail document outlining the Dreamlife Rent to Own program – Qualification criteria, Rent to Own Process described, Type of clients we serve, Documents required, Finders fee calculations and how you can continue to be involved in the process.