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Dreamlife Rent to Own Program: 5-step Process:

We’re a unique company based in Ontario and are working hard to make peoples’  dream of home ownership come true. Mortgage rule changes, personal/ financial changes, etc. prevents a lot of people from owning their own home.

Rent to Own home of your choice.

We realize that some people may just need a little hand so that they can qualify in on their own in 1 – 3 years with the traditional banks. This is exactly where our Dreamlife Rent to Own program fits in and takes you from a renter to a home owner.

In this Rent to Own program you have a lot of advantages, as you select your home, maintain and upgrade it as you wish, there is a tremendous pride of ownership that you feel. You are involved right from the first step and hence you are in total control of where you buy your house and what its specifications are. Our real estate experts help you choose the right house and the neighbourhood so that you are buying right.

Currently, we are offering Rent to Own program all over Ontario.

The Rent to Own process outlined herein is a very simplified process and as we go ahead in the application process, we will glad to sit with you and help you understand how this works as a win-win for all. The most important and distinguishing factor in this Rent to Own program is the affordability of this program and that you are already living in the house of your choice while you are building your credit history and your down payment.


The first step is to connect with us and we will go through the process to explain you how we can work together. We then recommend you complete an application form and send us the appropriate documents.


Once you are pre-approved for an amount under this Rent to Own program, you start looking for a home of your choice and one that meets your needs. We help you choose the house by suggesting the right area and neighbourhood.


Once the house is selected, we put an offer and get it under contract. After all the paperwork is complete and we buy that house.


You move-in and start living in the house of your dreams just like a home-owner and start enjoying the house. You may also decide to upgrade the home and increase YOUR equity further in the house.


During the term of this Rent to Own program, you get a chance to improve your credit situation and gather enough down payment that you could be in a good position to qualify for your own mortgage by the end of the term. You buy the house from our investor and become the new proud Home Owner.

The Rent to own process can be completed in as little as 6 – 8 weeks.

Once you apply we will walk you through the details process and will be with you throughout your journey towards your home ownership. With the help of this Rent to Own Program you could own a home faster that you think !

So do not delay any more just fill in a quick form, to see if you qualify in this RENT TO OWN PROGRAM and we will contact you and discuss the plan of action further.

GET STARTED in this Rent to own program NOW !!

Dreamlife Rent to Own program

Dreamlife Rent to Own program helps people get into their dream homes now !